Letter from G. M. Bryer to Pere Nivard at the Abbaye Notre-Dame de grace, Bricquebec, France.

21 Mar 1977
G. M. Bryer
The Abbaye Notre-Dame de grace, Briquebec, France.
In 1977 Group Captain G. M. Bryer wrote this letter to the Abbot of the Abbaye Notre-Dame de grace, at Bricquebec in France, asking for information about his late relative, Charles Cooksey. Charles Cooksey was a land agent, based in Southampton. He helped the Cistercian monks buy and manage Bustard Manor Farm in 1901, establishing a monastery there when new laws in France made life difficult for religious orders. When the monks returned to France to nurse casualties during the First World War, Cooksey ran the Monastery and farm. He then sold it in 1921 when the monks decided not to return. A copy of G. M. Bryer's history of the Cooksey family, along with other material, was kindly donated to the archive by his son, Robin Bryer.
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