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20th century
Ken Woodvine
The Primitive Methodist Chapel, Martin
Extract from Arthur Shering’s memoir. Arthur was born in 1933, at Drove End Farm, and grew up there. His memoir can be read elsewhere in the archive. In this extract he talks about the Methodist Sunday school….My parents were Church of England, but we went to the Methodist Sunday school because the chapel was closer to our home in Martin. This was every Sunday afternoon, 2:30-3:30. We quite enjoyed that; also we would have an outing to the seaside during summer holidays using Mr M. Flemington’s village bus or a Handley Victory tour bus. That would be a good day out, just the children and some of the parents. That is when we went a little further afield and enjoyed it, but during the war it was not possible so we would go to Paradise Farm or Martin Down by horse and wagon to have a picnic and have games up there.